Best Firm Mattress


Best Firm Mattress


Finding the best firm mattress on the market is not really a simple process, so this article’s goal is simply to give you a short idea of today’s leading USA Mattresses for 2018 – these brands are modern and with body support and comfort in mind along with good prices compared to buying in-stores which can fetch to prices as high as $2,500 even just for a basic memory foam mattress without the bells and whistles.

Ideally, the best firm mattress should have an equally superior edge support as if this aspect is lacking then problems can crop up later on – must important choosing criteria to look out for!

We have rounded up our TOP 8 Mattresses that we think has the best chance of making it up in terms of its firmness qualities.

What We Look For In Our Best Firm Mattress:

Construction Materials

Is it good for back, stomach sleepers and those on the heavier side?

How does it measure up in supporting the body?

What’s the cooling capacity score?




Our Best Firm Mattress Top 8 Brands


dreamcloud sleeping mattress

#1 DreamCloud Sleep

Top of the line luxury hybrid mattress brand, merged Euro top and super premium foam base – made by hand

Cutting-edge technology and premium materials to create the best support for the spine

5 Zone Dream Coil – patented encased micro coils

Industry Leader – full 15 inches height

Premier hybrid construction – encased coil and high density foams

True Tufting – most expensive 8 hand-constructed layers for the best sleep experience for maximum durability of the mattress

Best-in-class materials used for mattress construction

Edge Support – both spring coils and memory foam guarantees consistent and firm support edge to edge

Temperature – sleeps cool, has additional cooling technology via a heat treated cotton pad

Firmness Score:  6.5 out of 10 scale  —  Flexible rather than rigid  – plush but highly supportive




green mattress

#2 Avocado Mattress

Balanced level of firmness

Thickness – 11 inches

Standard Mattress – gentle firm feel that’s ideal for back and stomach sleepers

Optional pillow-top –  plush feel,  ideal for side sleepers and athletes – 13 inches thick

Critical Edge Support with its 1,414  ergonomic support coils – premium and durable system called Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone

No need for flipping

Temperature – unique New Zealand Wool plus certified organic  cover for maximum breathable mattress

Firmness Score:  7 out of 10 – gentle yet firm (standard mattress)

6 out of 10 – pillow top mattress for buoyant firmness





#3 Nectar Mattress

Temperature – two layers of Gel Memory Foam for best air flow and Tencel cover for maximum breathable effect – sleeps cool even at 90 degrees

Superior bounce support via Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam

Good for back, side or front sleepers

4 Layer Foam Construction

Firmness Score: 5.5-7.5 – Firm enough for support but gentle on touch – Medium Firm





#4 Eco Terra Beds

Quantum Coils – Isolated and fabric-encased coils provide stable support for exceptional support from middle to edge

Firmness: choice of medium and medium-firm

Impressive precise calibration of latex mattress to achieve perfect support and buoyancy

No need for flipping – the cell structure of the mattress is stronger and more durable

Temperature: coils ensure 28% cooler sleep than foam





#5 Idle Bed

Unique IDLE Buoyancy foam has Billions of microscopic air bubbles within the foam that provide a cloud-like feel, airflow and the best support

Cooling cover which plays a great role in keeping the mattress from getting hot

Premium fabric and foam on both sides making it fairly good with edge support and sagging factor over time

Thickness – 14 inches for its top of the line mattress

Less ‘stuck’ feeling compared to regular memory foams

2 Sided mattress design

Firmness Score: Perfect  Medium Feel





#6 Nolah Mattress

Unique Nolah AirFoam technology

Superior bounce created with the patented High-Resilience foam

Temperature – 100% neutral, sleeps cooler than memory foam – uses natural Viscose cover that dissipates excess body heat

Layers – 10 inches

Made of high density base foam

Firmness: Firm to the core but soft to the touch





#7 Kutson Mattress

Best Feature of this brand is that it is CUSTOMIZABLE – with nine different level of firmness to choose from – you can mix and match any of the layers until you find your perfect firmness

Dual side mattress design

Scientifically engineered layers – comprised of six layers; a unique patent-pending foam rail edge design that can withstand sitting edge issues

Gel-infused foam for cooling sleep temperature at night

Heavier than normal for longer-lasting use

Thickness – 11 inches





#8 Aviya Mattress

Choose between Luxury Firm and Firm mattresses

Fantastic core support with its innerspring system – most expensive spring technology

Anti Sag – uses 3 layers of foam and an innerspring core

High Density Foam Edge Support

Heavy duty construction with 12 cross slats

Temperature – both innerspring and foam allow maximum airflow for cool sleep



So have you decided now for your Best Firm Mattress choice?

We know it can be a daunting process of vetting here and there, asking people, looking online and then working with your budget as well so we hope that this review or article can somehow help you out with the best mattress buying decision!


“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”

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