What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

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What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

Can a bad mattress cause body aches? Is your mattress causing upper back pain?

If you can’t sleep and having lower back pain, it’s time to reconsider the mattress that you are using.  A wrong mattress can worsen lower back pain which is the hardest medical conditions to cure and treat.  Also, it affects millions of people around the world every day.

When you suddenly experience back pains, it can be both disturbing and upsetting. Better change your daily routine, maybe such could help you reduce your distresses, but best of all – might be wise to start looking for the Best Mattress for Back Pain.

Best Mattress for Back Pain When Mattress is Giving You Back Pain

A study from Spain on 2003, 313 adults experiencing persistent back pain analyzed the side effect of mattresses on the levels of pain when lying in and getting out of bed.

Some of the subjects provided new mattresses for 90 days to sleep on and others got new medium-sized firm mattresses. None of them had the idea of which type of mattress they had.

Right after 3 months, subjects sleeping on the medium – sized firm mattresses made a report that they experienced:

  • less pain on rising from bed
  • less pain while in bed
  • less day-time low back pain
  • less disability due to back pain

As a result, mattresses of medium firmness increases pain and ill health among subjects with lower back pain.

What Does Chronic Back Pain Have To Do With Mattresses?

Have you already decided to buy a new mattress? Though it seems very simple but quite difficult to buy a replacement, right? For more than a year, choosing the best mattress for chronic lower back pain has been an issue and became a topic for debates among patients suffering from this illness. Common questions raised was “Will this type of mattress reduces my back pain?” and that this was raised to the medical community. However, only a few and varied responses were formulated.

The very first aspect to consider is the quality of the mattresses that are best for back and neck pain. The number of mattresses at the local store can be very intimidating.  It is very important to take time in learning on the specifications and characteristics of the mattress of your choice.  Not all mattresses are made identical.

Not all research on back pain and its relation to the type of mattress used are substantial enough to jump into a certain generalization. However, more research conducted this time as paid by the manufacturers and retailers proven its direct correlation. Several organizations and media commercials that promote sleep education sometimes reference these research to support their conclusions.

The sparse data files regarding the probable impact of mattress type on lower back pain has created a buzz and slowly and gradually received momentum among various health-related practitioners.

According to the Spine Health site, the best consideration in mattress selection is making certain that your back is supported in its healthy shape which any kind of pressure on bony prominences is relieved. The very next time you are in need of a new mattress gather together as often specifics of the product at hand. Try them out one-by-one and compare and contrast. Listen to your back; it will lead you to the perfect fit.

How to Pick the Best Mattress

Sleep matters — most people spent 75% of their lives sleeping and the answer to a good night’s sleep just might be the mattress9 out of 10 respondents in a survey mentioned that their mattress is the most important factor in getting that sought-after good night’s rest. In the year 2010, most people spent almost $6 billion on box spring and mattresses (source: Huffington Post).

Personal preference should ultimately determine what mattress is best. Each of our beds certainly is a really important part of our everyday lives, both more important than most people realize. Acquiring a good mattress is actually a key factor in guaranteeing we get a full night’s sleep making it possible for us to feel restored and rejuvenated when we awaken. A good mattress provides a relaxing sleep helping to avoid being restless. A fitful sleep can bring about a lessening of energy, depressive disorder, and incapacity to concentrate. A good mattress can lower stress levels brought on by the lack of sleep. According to today’s medical news reports, people who have less stress and pressure in their lives are more fulfilled, age more slowly, much happier, and live longer days.

Find a best mattress with back support for lower back pain sufferers. An excellent mattress should give support for the healthy figure and place of the spine. The right amount of back support helps as well the individual avoid muscle irritation each and every morning. While there is not very much medical research o mattresses, one findings acquired that the medium sized firm mattresses resulting to more back pain remedies than firm mattresses.

Achieve a balance between comfort and back support. Overall convenience while sleeping on the mattress is also essential as adequate back support. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can result in pains and aches on pressure points. A medium-firm mattress can be much more comfortable because it enables the hips and shoulder to sink in gently. Lower back pain sufferers who need a firmer mattress for back support could get one with fuller padding for greater comfort.

Sleep Junkie site says, once you discover an old mattress is no longer warm and comfortable and noticeably sags in the middle part, then it’s the best time for you to buy a new one. Temporary solution to a sagging mattress is putting panels underneath, however, it is better to have a new mattress.

Types of Mattresses that are Best for Back and Neck Pain

Getting a sleep on a wrong mattress can cause or worsen back pain. A convenient mattress makes the muscles more relaxes, encourages good sleeping air and generally provides healthy and balanced, wholesome sleep.

So what type of mattress is best for back pain?

Of course, there is no such thing as a “perfect” mattress for everybody. It’s important to choose a mattress that fits your natural sleeping posture.

Silent Night Mattress. Memory Foam is one of the most common silent night mattress. It’s one of the best secrets to a great night’s sleep. It is a revolutionary material made to adopt itself with the shape of your body and gets back to its original in shape when the pressure is released. Its responsive body moulding layer in Silentnight mattresses allocates the bodyweight to have best support more exactly than letting you descend and recovers easily allowing you to move easily during the night to offer pressure relief without loss of movement.

Benefits of memory foam mattresses

  • Improved and heightened comfort and relaxation
  • Basic supports are targeted and aimed to help reduce and prevent the causes of back and neck pain
  • Higher Motion Isolation

Double Sized Mattress. One of the most main reasons of a better night’s sleep is making certain you have enough room to fully sleep and relax. A common error in buying a bed is getting one that is not big enough. Before you start researching, ask yourself if you are contented with the quality of sleep space in your current mattress and review the size charts to be sure you select the right bed size.

Most Common Mattress Measurements

(source Sleep Train)

  • Twin Mattress Sizes.  Width – 39 in x Length – 74 in
  • Twin Extra Long Mattress Sizes. Width – 39 in x Length – 80 in
  • Full Mattress Sizes. With – 54 in x Length 74 in
  • Queen Mattress Size. Width – 60 in x Length 80 in
  • King Sized Mattress Dimension. Width 76 in x Length 80 in
  • California King Mattress Sizes. Width – 72 in x 84 in
  • Crib Mattress Sizes. Width 27 in x Length 51.5 in

Conforming Abilities of the Mattress

The ability to conform classifies how a mattress adapts the curves and shapes of a person’s body. A mattress can acquire such characteristics if it supports most of the body parts evenly when resting in the mattress.

Lack of the ability to conform means there is spaces between its bases.  This may cause severe pain when one or more parts of the body – particularly the lumbar region when positioned in an unsupported, unnatural and thus in very stressful position.

Also, this may often cause stressful results in other parts of the body – shoulders and hips of side-sleeper individuals and this may be a source of major distress.

If you woke up stiff as board and aching or if the pain is getting worse during the night while sleeping then it may be significant to take a good look at your mattress. This may be the best solution you’ve been looking for your chronic lower back pains. Investing in the right mattress could change your whole life far better than it was.  Even a little amount to pay will last for a lifetime of great sleep every night resulting in an excellent, health and well-being.

If you read this because you’ve been seriously suffering lower back pain for a long time, this article strongly suggests you pick the right mattress today and try it out.  Buying a new mattress can even change your life!

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