Dreamcloud Sleep


Dreamcloud Sleep


You paid like over $5,000 just to get a luxurious hybrid mattress, ever felt like duped by the mattress store salesman?
Are you overwhelmed by a barrage of online information about buying a new mattress?
Does your mattress give you dead arm syndrome in the morning?
Does your mattress give you restless legs at night?
Does your mattress sag and sink when you change positions?
Are you happy with its edge support?
Do you complain of feeling ‘hot’ sleeping on it?
Your mattress doesn’t provide hip, back, shoulder, leg and head support?
Do you have to keep on paying to have your mattress reconditioned and cleaned?
Is it too bouncy and with not enough memory foam support?
Your mattress does not support your spine?
Are you fed up with the hassle of expensive delivery and returns charges, plus removal fees for old mattresses?
How about uneven weight distribution resulting to bad pressure relief?



(you can put an END to this)


READ this REVIEW and you can say goodbye to all these PAINS and HASSLES




So Who Is DreamCloud?

DreamCloud is an American company that is making more and more people own a luxurious hybrid mattress at only 30% of the current retail price of leading brands in stores nationwide.

Imagine you only pay $1,199 for a DreamCloud Queen mattress – that is a whopping price difference of  $4,966 for a Kluft luxuy mattress which costs $6,165

DreamCloud offers a unique service called  DreamCloud Sleep Concierge to help customers out 7 days a week – via email, phone and chat support.



[as per store’s site – the $200 discount is already applied on PRICES NOW]

What is a Hybrid Mattress?


Hybrid – merged Eurotop and foam base which is made by hand  – sturdy support but it contours – best of both worlds – combines boxspring with  high density memory foams


What Are The Main Features of DreamCloud Sleep Mattress?

Hand crafted with TrueTufted Cashmere Top – most expensive handwork process

DreamCloud is a 15-inch luxury hybrid mattress with its unique patent-pending “BESTREST” encased coils – a five-zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system which provides unmatched sleep support from head to toe.

DreamCloud uses an industry-leading eight-layer soft Cashmere Eurotop that gives unmatched breathability, premium softness and is naturally resistant to bedbugs.



DreamCloud boasts of using High Density luxury foams that keeps your back in alignment.

To sum it up, DreamCloud offers cutting edge technology and premium materials, super luxury mattress-  ultimate support and comfort – BEST SLEEP EVER!

Extremely plush and cloud-like luxury hybrid mattress!


What Is The Hand Crafted Tufting Advantage?

Handsewn tufted mattresses are only for top luxury brands; tufting is a process of weaving in which a yarn is anchored on a base.

– it compresses the mattress materials in a uniform manner; makes consistent firmness with no soft spots and gives out a symmetrical top

– compression ensures equal distribution of support thereby providing a good pressure relief

– unparalleled support compared to any other construction of mattresses

– compression  extends the life and longevity and firmness of mattresses, almost diminishes sagging

– prevents shifting of materials inside the mattress

Mattresses without TUFTING uses GLUE!


Who Is It Suited For?

DreamCloud Sleep Mattress is designed to give a perfect balance of contouring comfort and pushback support.

DreamCloud Sleep Mattress is for the side sleepers,  back and stomach sleepers.

As it is found to be flexible rather than rigid, so it works well for couples who have different preferences…


Why Should I Buy DreamCloud Sleep?

Costs only 30% of the current prices of other brands like Kluft

Supersoft quilted memory foam

Hypoallergenic – 8 layer system of Premium Hypoallergenic Foams and Coils

Premium Cashmere Knit Fabric Top – gives out superior softness and cooling moisture management

Medical Grade Gel-infused visco elastic memory foam – sleeping in a cloud feeling

Natural Latex – superior bounce, support and resiliency

Financing – Buying this mattress is easy as one, two, three – no credit checks! You only need to have an income, bank card

Best-in-class materials like Cashmere and soft-spun flax yarns –  TRULY PREMIUM!

What Certifications Does It Have?

CertiPUR-US® approved foams – this means no harmful chemicals used like mercury, lead and other metals and also formaldehyde plus rated with Low VOC or volatile organic compounds rating

US CPSC Fire Resistance and flammability standard passed


Does DreamCloud Get Hot?

Never hot – perfect cocoon of coolness and comfort

Perfect temperature controlled features with built in cooling system

Does It Off-Gass or Smell?

DreamCloud Sleep is made from luxurious and high quality foams so off-gassing is very minimal or non-existent at all!


Does It Have Good Reviews?


Many customers who left reviews on the site say that they find the mattress soft, smooth, fluffy and extremely supportive on the body.

No aches or stiffness when waking up – luxurious foams contour to the back whether sleeping or sitting up….

Someone said its an opulent memory foam but totally reasonable and affordable

Lavish foam for a contented and hearty sleeping experience…

Helps with dead arm syndrome in the morning…

DreamCloud Sleep has sturdy craftsmanship and superior materials for a delicious sleep experience

Sleeping on it feels like a cared for and protected feeling due to Cashmere material – cottony sleep

No more sleepy arms in the morning and restless legs at night – warm and gratifying sleep!


Does It Have Warranty and Guarantee?

While other brands only offer 10 years warranty, DreamCloud has one of the Best there is in the industry – offering Everlong Warranty which means you don’t need to keep buying a new mattress, they even offer cleaning and reconditioning service worth $300 value after owning it for five years.

Do I have To Worry About Delivery and Returns?

DreamCloud Sleep Mattress has Free Delivery and Returns service – they even have an optional White Glove Delivery (sets your mattress up in the room of your choice and removes your old mattress too) for a small fee.


When Do I Get My Mattress?

Ships from Washington State in 1-5 days via Fedex










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