Essentia Mattress


Essentia Mattress

Essentia produces just the finest natural foam mattresses which render completely rested in total comfort in your sleeping needs, as the company claims to be.

But are you really convinced?

Care to read the all-out mattress review in this article?




The Energie Opus along with Classic 8 really are foam mattresses generated of natural substances which provides a really luxurious feel, yet doesn’t need the volatile organic chemicals off petrol such as other memory foam mattresses.

Other manufacturers earn their memory-foam out of organic compounds that create poisonous fumes, so even if you can’t smell themwhich might have detrimental impacts as time passes. Even the Opus and Classic 8 expel this specific issue having a proprietary foam which isn’t just healthy, but in addition, it covers sleep difficulties using curative layouts.

Benefits OF Energie Opus


— Natural latex Polyurethane Foam Developed for concentrated support and also no fumes

— Soft-Medium for stomach and side sleepers

— Air Conditioning circulation Gives a trendy mattress

— Cost is just typical for Polyurethane Foam mattresses

— Prorated guarantee

— Mattress weighs a great deal, may be difficult to proceed with a single individual


Benefits OF CLASSIC 8

— Natural latex Polyurethane Foam Intended for curative aid, no volatile organic chemical Out-gassing, and endurance
— Moderate firmness Is Ideal for back sleepers
— Entire air circulation for a cool mattress
— no more movement transfer to Get up sleep spouse
— 20 Yr guarantee


— Cost is just typical for Polyurethane Foam mattresses
— Prorated guarantee
— thick mattress can be difficult to Go independently


The Energie Opus can be really a soft-medium mattress which for side sleepers which prefer to feel cradled with their mattress, nevertheless want aid for their own backbone. This mattress is great for tummy sleepers desiring aid for your own throat, but don’t wish to feel as though it’s being pushed back by the mattress.

If you’re a rear sleeper which wishes to feel encased on your bed with lavish luxury, that can also be a fantastic option since it eradicates the numb arms that lots of rear sleepers feel using a spiral mattress.

The Vintage 8 is really a moderate mattress that’s optimized for back sleepers who desire to possess certain spinal support. There’s sufficient cave from the memory foam therefore that it is going to shape to the curvature of your backbone, however it won’t push any issues. This is really a really pressure free mattress which any straight back sleeper will cherish.


The first stratum of this mattress is produced from a tight receptive memory foam which virtually eliminates movement move, like when you go throughout the evening time or be into or out of bed. Or from it.

This can help your partner from getting upset all through the evening time. The foam is constructed from natural polymers which extend and reduce vibrations which might be felt through the duration of a conventional coil mattress. This is really a really optimistic feature for anyone that moans with a sleeper or somebody who goes all through the evening time.


Essentia knows that a lot of people want to keep at a constant temperatures during the nighttime, and the Classic 8 and also Energie Opus are all intended to help dissipate heat which usually keeps people alert.

The proprietary natural foam allows for favorable venting from both sides and underside of these mattresses throughout the sleeping surface, therefore heat won’t buildup at which you’re sleeping.

The very first layer of foam is really a three inch open center that’s a huge number of atmosphere pathways which pull cooler air throughout the mattresses also out of the areas where you’re sleeping.

The mattresses will probably always be trendy for one to receive yourself a excellent night’s sleep, even yet stay comfortable enough so that you aren’t always reaching for covers and taking off them.


Essentia is popularly notorious for producing the maximum quality polyurethane foam mattresses which can be natural, sustainable, and durable. Each mattress is supported by a pro-rated 20 yr warranty and the corporation estimates that their beds will stay usable for this particular amount, given every single use.

Most memory cell mattresses can continue a mean of 7 decades, therefore Essentia’s Vintage 8 along with Energie Opus can continue almost triple the industry average.


No. Essentia uses an all natural latex from rubber bands which was made to remove any odor or poisonous fumes which frequently arrive together with additional memory foam mattresses.

The mattresses have been awarded an out gassing time at the mill in a bad pressure vacuum which renders the mattresses free from any scents or compounds which may be debatable for those who have allergiesor sensitive odor or alternative troubles.

This really is a great up side of Essentia’s mattress that can’t be maintained by other manufacturing companies.



Underneath layer of this mattress is really a dovetailed weave of cotton built to ensure it won’t slide and slip onto the base.
The following layer is really a Dunlop latex that’s seven different zones to create a innovative spinal feelfor optimum alignment during the evening. There are stations inside the Dunlop coating that providesuperior atmosphere flow.
After thisa natural foam coating from the bark tree, that will be Essentia’s claim to fame, takes comfort to another level since it supplies really a cradled texture with lots of atmosphere flow. The foam cores are fused with a proprietary procedure which gives enormous advantage support therefore the whole mattress can be used and eliminates motion movement vibrations.


Essentia urges the use of a few of these mattress bases together with the Energie Opus and also Classic 8 to supply the whole healing, venting and endurance. The mattress might be put a ground, given it’s flat or it may be placed onto a boxspring base in exemplary state. Regardless, but you choose to place the mattress, then the warranty will stay set up.


No. A mattress pad can’t be used in combination with almost any Essentia mattress because it is going to hamper warmth throughout the bed and also the performance will probably soon be wholly degraded. Like wise the use of a mattress pad will probably negate some one of those curative qualities of these mattresses.



Every Essentia mattress doesn’t have to be reversed or rotated.

The Bucaneve cotton cap is removed for quick cleaning in a washer.

If the mattress is soiled, use a modest number of anti bacterial soap and then lightly dab the region with heated water. Don’t put the mattress with warm water and be certain that it’s well ventilated. Don’t use bleach onto the foam.



Essentia supplies a nohassle 60-Day warranty for a refund or exchange for beds purchased by using their site just (visit our website below), however they charge only a 9% commission on both special models (they bill 18 percent on higher priced ones).

It’s crucial to not forget that for this comfort warranty to be legal, the mattress has to be kept in good shape and the first directions, warranty and get newspapers have to be around.

Essentia delivers a 20 yr warranty on the Vintage 8 along with Energie Opus. The guarantee that the corporation will repair or replace the mattress.

Essentia sells directly into the general public as opposed to moving right through vendors and wholesalers, which always spike upward prices without adding much significance accordingly please check their site.

Price is your primary criticism of Essentia owners



All these Essentia mattresses are without doubt of rather large quality and also must be seriously contemplated with sleepers using a superior level of sensitivity in the surroundings and imitating natural substances.

But, even though Essentia gets plenty of attention from people figures such as Dr. Ozwe think there are better alternatives which are less pretentious and absolutely more accessible concerning price for that typical sleeper.

PLS REMEMBER Many models available, they’ve a formidable warranty, limited off-gassing, and Essentia stores in approximately 20 cities.

Like many latex-based mattresses, weight reduction is substantial helping to make moving, handling and transport difficult specially for a single individual.

Essentia performs well complete on the problem of treatment, for example back treatment.

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