Your Mattress Could Be Making You Sick

Your Mattress Could Be Making You Sick

If you have an onslaught of health issues that just would not go away – it might be worth checking if your old mattress is one big culprit. It is said that mattresses should not be used more than 7 years at the maximum. Why? Bacteria and mould could be breeding havoc on your mattress as well as your health – and who would want a potential death trap as a nightly gift? This is especially true for warm places like Florida and Texas – dust mites thrive in this kind of environment.

Loads of issues are at stake with mattresses like memory foam health risks and memory foam off gassing, as well as issues of back and neck pains caused by old mattresses or using the wrong ones.

Old Mattress Health Problems

You could be breathing in harmful spores during your slumber time. Shocking?

Old mattresses are said to contain up to 10 million of this allergy and asthma-triggering small critters. The reason could be that our dead skin cells can accumulate over time, and with an infestation of these small creatures – health disasters are a recipe in the making for dust mites symptoms.

Old mattresses can be a perfect breeding haven for deadly pathogens like MRSA, staphylococcus, enterococcus and norovirus – sounds serious? Really serious. On top of that, E coli can also live in such old and dilapidated mattresses.

Moulds can also be a serious issue. Things to watch our for if you have these symptoms coughing, whizzing, itchy eyes – just among the symptoms noted.

Are Mattresses Really Toxic?

Another serious issue with old and worn-out mattresses is the chemicals it can off-gas. Some known chemicals are formaldehyde and PBDEs – these substances are said to cause potential organ toxicity, nervous system issues, thyroid problems and allergies. But have you also heard about polyurethane toxicity to humans? This chemical is being used by most conventional or old major players in the mattress industry. Polyurethane fumes sounds to me a really serious factor to consider when buying new mattresses – our liver can only cope with so much, let alone subjecting it to too many chemicals over time.

There are healthier and safer modern mattresses that are built in the USA and are really body-friendly as well as environment-friendly such as the NOLAH Mattress.

Can a Bad Mattress Cause Body Aches?

More and more people are affected with all sorts of body aches and pains. This could be attributed to sagging mattresses that is a natural tendency over time. Old and worn out mattresses lose their even structure – both sprung mattresses and foam ones get affected due to years of wear and tear. Sagging springs and dipping foams can really cause these body pains, as per tests done by experts.

Signs It’s Time For a New Mattress

It is estimated that about eight million British people are using a mattress that is over eight years old, as reported in an article by The Daily Mail UK.

You know it is time to ditch that old mattress when your health is getting compromised, as pointed beforehand – plus all the signs of discomfort in sleeping.

Try to do your research for better options – try to avoid memory foam chemicals at all cost.



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