Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress

I think you will agree with me when I say:

Looking for a mattress can be HARD WORK –

What mattress is non toxic?

Does it have good pressure point relief?

Does it sink?

Does it sleep cool?

Will it support back sleepers, side sleepers?

Does it have good warranty?

Is it affordable?



WELL, it looks like it is now EASY to find that EXACT mattress you are looking for!

In this REVIEW article, you will see Nectar Mattress as the product that solves most of your worries – NO MORE running around wasting your time looking for that PERFECT mattress for your needs.










Who is behind the NECTAR Mattress and what is the story behind it?

When you buy this product you will be delighted to know that this company is 100% employee owned – not money-driven like the big retails brands. This brand has also been in business for 15 years now and has made thousands of memory foams so you can be sure that Nectar Mattress is the ultra representation of their expertise.

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Why is the Nectar Mattress GOOD FOR YOU?

I think the fact that the mattresses are handcrafted in the USA is plus factor, you can be sure of superior craftsmanship, plus you also help the US economy thrive and don’t forget the employees also get to have a source of income.
Loads of sleep trials done to build a better bed

Nectar only uses CERTIPUR FOAMS that are good for the users as well as  the environment
Its natural fiber cover is certified by Oeko-Tex, the most stringent of certification
Made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, Low VOC emissions or volatile organic compounds

Top layer is Class 1 certified – meaning safe enough for use by babies and children alike

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You get to try the NECTAR for a full year – risk free and  no hassle returns

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reasons to buy nectar mattress

You get to sleep for a WHOLE YEAR then you can decide if its for you!
Good for side sleepers, front or back sleepers – very versatile mattress for any sleeping position
Fibromyalgia sufferer – good feedback from users
Medium firm feel that conforms to the body so outstandingly
Declared as one of the BEST Mattresses of 2017
Heavy sleepers – this brand has been cited for this category
Sinking factor is just right for maximum pressure relief
Tencel Fiber – much more breathable than cotton – quite superior to other memory foam brands in drawing heat away
Said to be ZERO motion transfer issues at night – in fact most users report this brand is best for isolation motion!
Financing with NO credit checks!  BIG WOW!
Does not need a foundation
Dense foam layer quilted into the covering part of the mattress
Said to last about 7 – 8 years of usage
NO need to change sleeping positions that often as the Nectar Mattress really conforms to the body well
Has a cooling gel foam technology that addresses sleeping Hot issues
Gives great alignment and good pressure relief (as per a customer’s comment from a review site)

More Reasons to Love Nectar Mattress

Firmer support but softer for rest
Bouncier than other premium memory foam mattresses
FEDEX delivery in 3 – 7 days
NECTAR is SLEEP COOL technology – the top layer stimulates air flow beneath the body while the Tercel fabric wicks away heat
NECTAR’s combination of layers and materials allow contour and support to the body
ABOVE ALL, it adjusts to your body position so it RELIEVES PRESSURE POINTS
OFF-GASSING issue is very minimal or nonexistent
Remember – no harmful PBDEs, chemicals and gasses.


Is Nectar Mattress Safe?

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TWIN SIZE is only priced now at $375  — originally at $500
PLUS 2 FREE Pillows!
TWIN XL   $425
FULL is $700   — but NOW it’s $575
QUEEN is now on SALE  $670
KING SIZE $900  —- ON SALE at $775
CAL KING   $775

FREE PILLOWS when you buy ANY MATTRESS – for a limited time

(please double check on the website for validity terms and conditions and period – last checked JAN 27, 2018)


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Is Money an Issue for you?

NECTAR Mattress will gladly help you via a very easy financing program.
You DO NOT need a job to qualify – isn’t that amazing?

CLICK here to learn more about this FINANCING PROGRAM


Have you ever come across a UNIQUE warranty program?

Nectar Mattress solidly believes in how they manufactured their product to last a long time by investing in proper materials and construction, they can afford so because they don’t have any middlemen that could eat up their overhead costs and profits so customers are assured that whatever funds they have can be spent on producing superior mattress products with the customer in mind.
This company will replace your mattress (if defective) with a new one for the first 5 years, but after that they will repair and recover your NECTAR (transportation costs apply, if defective). But they also have a Choice Option program where you get to keep your old 5 year+ NECTAR and only pay 50% for the new mattress (see website for details*).

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Nectar Mattress Reviews From Customers

reviews from customers
reviews of beds

Please click below to read actual reviews on the website itself




If you tried to scour the Internet for reviews about it on Amazon, you will be disappointed to see only 2 to 3 reviews on there as they stopped selling on Amazon, that’s what I think – tried many times to go back and forth there but could not see a visible or clear sign that they are selling on there.

WARNING: If you buy other brands of mattresses on there, the BIG problem is the RETURNS issue – personally I would not want to go through the hassle of such – BUY direct on the store’s website.



What I found is that there is only one complaint, the only denominator – waiting times. Some people complained about they had to wait for a few weeks but they did not understand that due to high demand, there is a backlog of orders – pure and simple.

The bottom line is for a price so GOOD, it is really worth going for this brand. If you have the luxury of money, you can always go for the most expensive brand of mattress – always a case of choice.



Simmons Mattress – is it better than Nectar brand?

While Simmons Mattress has a lot of inexpensive mattress on offer, one might take into account that it has a lot of BBB or Better Business Bureau – a whopping 171 complaints and these are all said to be about warranty issues and product quality. It is also said that the materials composition details is kind of limited so there is not much room for thinking in terms of having to compare against other brands. Moreover, their customer issues about warranty and its impact on sagging, remains vague as their has been no clear responsiveness in this aspect as per customers.


While there are a lot of online mattress information sites out there, this site remains unique to its writing style – we never have set templates to do our reviews. We believe that this kind of treatment to how we tackle mattress reviews is the key to remaining unbiased and being able to dish out a lot of information that we take into our own research. The end result? Potential mattress buyers would have more theory and information in their disposal therefore it gives them the freedom and leeway to make informed decisions in what mattress to buy in terms of what their specifications and family or home needs in sourcing a mattress online, which we understand can be a taxing mission to accomplish these days, especially with the information overload and advertisements popping out online.

We believe that mattress reviews will always be a big part in the mattress industry, as such we aim to continue to keep this website alive and pumping with information about mattresses, memory foams, organic beddings and issues about chemicals and toxins as well.

Reviews will always also touch about prices against other brands all over the marketplace.


Nectar Mattress Customer Service

They have a support team available via Chat Support

Nectar Mattress Phone Number you can call at 1-888-8NECTAR

You can also reach them via this email

Team is available 7 days a week, 6am PST – 9pm PST



There is no better place to get discounts and deals for Nectar Mattress than here.

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Industry superior 365 NIGHTS SLEEP TRIAL!
UNIQUE Forever Warranty



Check the Nectar Mattress video  below

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