Are you looking for the perfect modern mattress yet one with no harmful chemicals?

Are you fed up with using traditional memory foam mattresses?

Things are getting better for you – welcome the NOLAH MATTRESS – the latest in AIRFOAM Technology

I literally spent HALF A DAY reading and re-reading the NOLAH Mattress website- carefully sifting through the information in there, with the aim of presenting it to my readers (YOU) in a simple manner done with a lot of thought, thereby helping you benefit and arrive at a WELL-INFORMED buying decision.


Who is NOLAH Mattress?

A cutting-edge mattress conceptualized and produced by two serial entrepreneurs who have over 20 years of experience in producing sleeping products.

A mattress brand that truly cares about the future of our natural habitats and its wildlife – for every NOLAH Mattress sold, one animal gets to be adopted through the care of Defenders of Wildlife.

Big Selling Points of NOLAH Mattress

nolah mattress


Finance is available – as low as $90 per month (comes with zero fraud liability)

EXTENDED 15 YEARS WARRANTY* (see store site for details)

NOLAH Air Foam (Pneumatic) – a unique foam technology that is achieved by infusing billions of air pockets that gives the foam a shock absorber function, in effect adapting to the body’s sleeping needs for every body shape and weight. This is literally the best of both a traditional high end memory foam and latex – the only difference is – it is temperature neutral –  meaning it does not fluctuate according to seasonal changes and does not trap heat, with or without the cooling gel – it gives a cooler sleep.

4x  Less Peak pressure on your hip and lower back body compared to traditional memory foams in the market today

CertiPUR-US Certified

Safe and Sustainable product and 100% Made in the USA

Built to order – every single order

ZERO motion transfer – guaranteed to sleep through the night

Works on ANY flat surface

FIRE SAFETY – fully tested and has passed the US Fire Safety Regulations – in fact it uses  the BEST and SAFEST fire protection solution that is made of a fire retardant sock made of woven silica

Extended Risk- FREE TRIAL


NOLAH Mattress Materials

NOLAH Mattress only uses natural Viscose fibers – that means the best yarns and wood pulp that wick away moisture and dissipate excess body heat – creating cooler and comfortable sleep and a luxurious soft cover.

NO Harmful Substances like formaldehyde, phthalates, ozone depleters, PBDEs flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals

More durable than Latex – uses Latex-like AVENA Foam – an super premium foam that is HYPOALLERGENIC,  breathable, better bounce and feel compared to Latex

Big Savings On NOLAH Mattress

You only pay about 1/3 of the price if you were to compare it to mattresses sold  at retail stores  – IMAGINE the lowest Nolah Mattress starts from $519 – and the Most Expensive line is at $949

CAN YOU IMAGINE the SAVINGS whereas traditional stores you can pay up to $2,800 – that is MAD!

TOP TOP Reviews of NOLAH Mattress

nolah mattress
nolah mattress

More Good Reasons To Buy NOLAH Mattress

nolah mattress

This company gives back to the community by producing their mattresses in the USA thereby creating jobs that are based in the USA – helping Americans earn a living and support their families.

NOLAH Mattress uses a box that is eco-friendly (no unnecesssary CO2 emissions) – this box  is also unique that it reduces 80% of shipping volume compared to shipping a conventional mattress.

Charity – providing a good sleep to those in need via donation of returned or refunded mattress purchases

No imported materials – all raw materials are sourced from US-based family businesses or suppliers

Customer Service – efficiency at its best via 3 channels: Live Chat, phone and email

Total of 5 – 8 Business Days waiting time until the mattress arrives at your doorstep

Trackable Purchase – giving you updates and peace of mind about your purchase so you can have the best restorative sleep ever in the shortest waiting time.

Is NOLAH Mattress Best For Me?

Nolah Mattress is universally comfortable – it gives a firmness that is not too firm but not too soft – so  it fits any sleeping preference, body weight and shape/curves.

Even more of a good news -perfect for COUPLES as there is zero motion transfer – with its Nolah Air Foam Technology – the billions of air infused pockets create an even distribution

This mattress is able to support body weight from 40 lbs up to 400 lbs

Why You Should Buy The NOLAH Mattress

Best Value in terms of PRICE, height and comfort

Perfect bounce and 4x pressure relieving support

(The ONLY CONS I see is that they don’t ship internationally, doesn’t deliver or sell to Hawaii and Alaska)

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