Toxins in Mattress

Toxins in Mattress


Mattresses can be really tricky if you really think about it, especially if you are in the USA where the standards are really high – to comply with this high standard, mattresses come with harmful fire retardants as part in the manufacturing process. But manufacturers are not compelled to declare the harmful fire chemicals which are quite undesirable for the consumers.



  • Petroleum-based polyurethane foams – they release Volatile Organic Compounds
  • benzene and naphthalene –known carcinogens
  • Fire retardants – they pose a lot of health risks as per health experts such as fertility issues, kidney, liver, and reproductive cancers.

Not only fire retardants but other toxins in mattresses can off-gass and release chemicals that are harmful – gets spewed into the atmoshere. The smell one actually notices from buying a new mattress is actually toxic mattress smell – isn’t that scary? A very compelling laboratory study, health experts found that animal subjects, mice, that were exposed to mattress emissions exhibited upper and lower respiratory health issues, as well as reduction in air flow.


When we are Sleeping

Modern beds really have issues about memory foam chemicals, more and more people’s health issues can be correlated to this, as per some health studies. During sleep, we could be at the most risk time of exposure to some toxins in mattress and issues about memory foam off gassing.

The human nervous system has two components which are sympathetic, and parasympathetic.  For humans in life or death situations, such as being attacked by a predator – this is what we call as the sympathetic mode; parasympathetic mode comes when the opposite happens – the storm has calmed down. In the parasympathetic mode, the body can focus on body regenerative processes.

Toxins in the mattress can be really serious over time. Toxins stress the body then it alters our brain chemistry and disrupts the endocrine system. Toxic mattresses pose a big health risk so it makes sense to really get aware about our buying choices nowadays.



Vinyl cover is quite a big issue with crib mattresses.  There is an off-gassing of a toxic load of chemicals from the newly-bought crib mattress  due to the vinyl and fire retardant components.

In fact, there is a Hazard Summary about vinyl chloride stating that:

Exposure to vinyl chloride via inhalation has been shown to increase the risk of a rare form of liver cancer in human beings.  In turn, vinyl chloride is now tagged as a Group A human carcinogen.

Infants and children should be given great care as to what kind of mattresses and beddings to use for the following reasons:

  • Infants can spend more time  in bed, so their exposure to mattress off-gassing and its health risks are really immense
  • Plus the fact that their bodies are at its maximum efficiency for growth, so are their efficient metabolic processes which then make them more prone to the toxins in their surroundings.



Here are some options for Healthiest Mattress 2017

  1. Certified organic mattresses– Your best bet is The Avocado Green Mattress – 100% Made in the USA. It has all the winning factors you could ever find in an all-natural and organic mattress – by far the most advanced in the field of mattresses – Joma Wool from New Zealand, certified organic materials by the most strict certification body for the textile industry and with an impressive all natural Dunlop Latex.
  2. Wool mattresses– Wool component has always been difficult for mattress makers but lo and behold – the Avocado mattress has just made a breakthrough where no one has succeeded – its New Zealand wool material is a natural and non-toxic fire retardant plus the natural hydrated silica.
  3. THREE Mattresses

These are the three mattresses that are hands down the best in the market today

  1. Avocado Green Mattressclick here to read the review
  2. NOLAH Mattressclick here to read the review
  3. Nectar Mattressclick here to read the review


Non-Toxic OR Organic Mattress

Mattresses are always manufactured mostly with memory foams and latex so it can be hard for manufacturers to do away with using some chemicals or the regular latex materials. In fact it is said that mattresses made with purely organic materials can break down easily and will not provide the support that it needs to deliver. But after really researching and studying these 3 mentioned mattresses – the myth has just been broken – AVOCADO Green Mattress has been gaining popularity and following by leaps and bounds along with The NOLAH Mattress which is also 1 to 2 points trailing behind it.

I need to point out that if you want purely organic and natural mattress store brand, go for the AVOCADO Green Mattress, but if you want a new cutting-edge technology in the mattress concept, go for the NOLAH Mattress – better than memory foam and latex! Do not forget to consider NECTAR Mattress too – it’s certified by CERTIPUR – to be free from harmful chemical and gasses – plus its edge is its unique warranty called Forever Warranty and the longest home trial at 365 nights!


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